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RN FACES's Online training course for the Skin Classic. It is also applicable to Lam Probe, Vascutouch, Thermolo and others like it. Now you can add this terrific service to your menu just in time to stay competitive.
This comprehensive training course will prepare you for hands on treatments. This is also helpful for the individuals that own equipment similar to the Skin Classic.

After completing the home study and test you are then eligible to demonstrate on 4 live models with Stephanie via FB video. (it's easy!) Any other students will be charged 99.00 for certificate of completion with a FB Video demonstration. $499. Click Here

RN FACES In house 1 on 1 training is ideal If you have a skin classic, thermolo, themoclear, or Lamprobe and need  training.  You will receive the skin classic electronic manual with hours of video, forms, test, laminated guide, and an assortment of probes to fit your f shank hand piece. You do need to have your manual with settings that you will be able to substitute on the laminated guide. You will select 4 models to work with during your 4 hours hands on training. After training spport is only a call text or fb video away. A certificate of training is also provided. You may have up to 4 trainess at no extra charge.   We come to you! $1500  Click Here

My permanent makeup training course has been specifically designed for existing technicians who are looking to improve their skills. The course offers the opportunity to learn from Stephanie with years of experience and calm demeanor during training to set you at ease.  Full day of machine driven brows, eyeliner, lips, and areola.  If you are new to the machine world Stephanie can assist with selecting the correct machine.  Training can focus on whichever area you feel you need to improve.  $1500 daily fee.  Call for your FREE consultation 719.859.0707

 High Definition Areola Tattooing is a procedure that provides the most realistic results for Cancer Warriors have had mastectomies. Plastic and reconstructive surgeons seek well trained technitions to assist with process of Areola repigmentation. Today, the awareness has reached the general public and breast cancer survivors that have had mastectomies are requesting this most realistic look.  This procedure requires experience with intradermal micropigmentation to understand the complexity of compramised skin as well as being able to create a natural looking areola to build the clients' self esteem.
 1500.      Call for your FREE consultation 719.859.0707